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Why Krosno2018-11-28T17:28:55+00:00
Qualified staff

Staff are available for many innovative industries, with a high level of vocational education and good work ethic.

Cooperation between self-governing units and entrepreneurs in respect of professional trainings.

Cooperation between vocational schools and businesses.

Transport infrastructure

Location by the national road No. 28 and the close proximity to the S-19 expressway, which will be constructed by 2025 as part of the international transport route “Via Carpathia”.

The town is accessible by air transport, e.g. using air taxi services. Krosno Airfield is equipped with a modern asphalt and concrete runway.

“Krosno – Airfield” Investment Zone

Comprehensively developed investment areas for industry and services, protected by tax exemptions.

Exceptional conditions for the development of the aviation industry

Investment areas with direct access to the modernized airfield. Vocational training of staff for aviation industry. Special conditions for granting tax exemptions to investors representing aerospace sector.

The highest level of investment support within the European Union

The limit of state aid for such is at the level of: 70% for micro and small enterprises and 60% for medium-sized enterprises, then 50% for large enterprises.


The presence of industry 4.0, companies implementing product and process innovations and creating Research and Development centers.

Border location

Access to co-operators and employees from neighboring countries, namely Slovakia and the Ukraine.

High quality of living

Krosno and its surrounding areas provide an attractive, safe place to live and develop, with rich educational, cultural and entertainment offer and a well-developed sports infrastructure. There is constant development of the housing market both in municipal and development investments.

The City of Krosno and its surroundings provide many attractions for tourists who like to spend time actively.

last updated: 28.11.2018

Municipal Office of Krosno

ul. Lwowska 28 A
38-400 Krosno

City Development
and Investors’ Assistance Department:

  + 48 13 47 43 301